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just getting excited...

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38 weeks =) my little man will be here soon! Is it weird that im not nerous about labor? I know i say that now and it will prob change when its the time but i just cant wait to meet my little Mark Bentley =D

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Congrats on being so close lol. I still have 17 weeks. I don't think it's weird at all that you aren't nervous. Before the pain starts its mainly excitment that you feel. When you actually go into labor it will hit you that this is it and you have all that work ahead of you. I have no doubt that you will do wonderfully bringing your baby boy into the world! Don't worry about not worrying lol that's a good thing. Good luck sweetie :)
I am 38 weeks as well and I am also not nervous.  Excited as anything.  Why worry when you don't need to...I leave that up to everyone else.:-)  Good luck on your delivery!
thanks =)
Congrats! It's so cool that you're so close I still have 15 weeks left till my actual due date but they will be taking my little girl out by c-section at least a week before because I got preeclampsia with my first child at 36 weeks. So yeah I'm nervous about the whole c-section, recovery, and the fact that I have the chance of getting preeclampsia again and oh yeah I've recently been diagnosed with non neurological seizures which I can't take any meds for and the only advice I've gotten is not to be alone because I can fall down at any moment so yeah scared is more like it for me. But it must feel really good to be worry free about the whole situation sorry if I'm a downer though. I just wish I could be as worry free as you.

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