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Just had Baby 8 weeks ago and had unprotected sex....could I be pregnant??

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I had my first child about 8 weeks ago and my husbabd and I had unportected sex around 6 weeks post pregnancy a couple times. I hadnt gotten my period so i thought i was fine but then i heard you can still ovulate and not have gotten your period yet...then i thought back and well it seemed around the time my husband and i had sex i had more discharge.... so now im not sure if i did ovulate or not...i didnt really think anything of it till i heard that you can ovulate without have gotten a period yet. So im not sure what to do.....should i take a pregnancy test?? If so how long should i wait to take one?? And has this happened to anyone else...getting pregnant so soon after have a baby??

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A friend of mine got pregnant shortly after having her first baby. But that was a couple of months after giving birth.  There is a myth that you can't get pregnant while you are breastfeeding, but that isn't true.  I haven't heard of someone getting pregnant that soon after having a baby, but I don't know that it's impossible.Ask your doctor the next time you visit, and maybe see about the "mini pill" if you are breastfeeding.  It is an effective contraceptive that you can use while nursing and everyone I know who used it didn't get pregnant while they were nursing. I don't know if that is what it is actually clinically called but that's what everyone I know who used it called it.
You have a greater chance of getting pregnant after just having a baby. So many ppl i know have gotten pregnant right after giving birth to their latest baby. I would be very careful n take a pregnancy test in about a couple of weeks cuz u have a good chance of being pregnant again. Good luck
Yes, you can get pregnant.  I went to school with a guy whose brother was only 11 months younger than him.  That's like 4 weeks after he was born, his mother conceived his brother.  Take a test or call your doctor.
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