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kidney stones in 3rd trimester? how do you know?

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How do you know, if you have kidney stones during pregnancy?

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With my first pregnancy I had kidney stones at about 9-10 weeks along and went to the ER over it because the pain was presenting in the abdomen instead of in my back where it had been the previous times I'd had them. Kidney stones are a very sharp and intense pain usually, and you can help deter them by drinking a lot of Lemonade, Cranberry Juice & Water. Try to avoid too much Milk & Calcium as this can help them develop. I had to use a strainer to catch them when they came out, and actually passed a stone that was 1/2 carat big! Sometimes you can tell you have them if you have pain in your back or side, or difficulty going to the bathroom. They are sharp and can cause a snag or tear if you pass them naturally.

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