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This is kinda personal

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I am 34 weeks and 1 day. I was shaving my vagina this morning (I can't stand having hair) and I noticed that it was swollen. I know baby is in head down position and I have been feeling sharp pains in my stomach around my belly button and in my back. I was just wondering if this was normal or not.

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It's completely normal!  I'm swollen too.  And congrats on your flexibility.  I wish I could shave! lol
The swelling is gone but I keep having the pains. And I'm not flexible at all! That was done with a mirror and it didn't work out very well!
I hope everythings okay :)and yeah...that hair has been driving me nuts too!!! Its scary shaving where you cant see! and its even harder to bend to cut my toe nails!! ugh!
its normal :)
I feel for you.. I cant even shave my legs without difficulty lol.. I have had the swollenness the past few days and was wondering the same thing so I am glad that you asked and everyone says that its normal... I try using an electric razor to shave.. it seems to work out better since I cant knick anything since I cant really see the best even with the mirror.. just a and if you keep having the pains call your dr and ask.. I have decided that it is better to call and ask and be told its nothing then not call and have it be something that you should worry about good luck =)
Swelling is so normal!  Especially as far along as you are.  If it gets too painful dont be afraid to take some Tylenol.  It wont necessarily reduce the swelling but it will help with the pain a bit.  Regarding shaving, you're preaching to the choir sister!  This would be a good time to either a.  get waxed (but wait till the swelling is a bit less).  I had a c-section and when they shaved me it was horrible growing back so I will get waxed before this next baby is born.  My sister had vaginal births and she wished she had waxed or shaved before!.....or b.  call upon your partner to help out!  It's an intimate thing and should be a comfortable thing to ask for help but I understand if you're self concious.  Its ok.  You are beautiful no matter how you feel (I feel like a baby hippo but my husband reassures me every day!). 
I noticed the other day that I was very swollen too and I am 36 weeks.  I as well can not handle hair down there!!! I shave my legs almost everyday bc the slight bit of stubble drives me nuts!!!  The razor I have found that works best for down there is the personnal body groomer. It doesn't have blades so you don;t have to see what you are doing. Works great!
The pain could be varicous veins-next time you are at the doctors ask them if they see anything down in the area where you have the pain.

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