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Kinda TMI... But i wanna kno if im alone on dis!!!

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Ok.. Il say bout da last week or so wen i use da restroom{#2} i wud wipe n c blood!! It doesnt hurt, not constipation, i go at least twice a day!! Is dis normal?!? Or shall i talk 2 ma dr bout it?!?

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Hi. I had this same problem. It could be a hemorroid or fishers. Fisher's are cuts on the inside wall of your anus. Let you doctor know they can refer you to a specialist. What I did was incorporated more fiber in my diet and used colace. good luck.
MBAEZ917 means fissures.It could be that your bowel movements are too hard and are cutting you.  Talk to your doctor.
Don't worry your not alone I'm five months pregnant and it's happen to me too.

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