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This is going to sound really dumb because this is my fourth baby so bear with me. I have been induced with all 3 of my babies. With my first I did it completely natural but I was 16 and my body didn't handle the labor very well at all. So I was passed out through the whole thing. I nearly died and was unconcious for 2 days. With the next one I decided drugs was definitely the way to go. That went well so I took the drugs with the next one also. Now I really think I want to go naturally again and don't plan to let them induce unless it's medically needed. The problem is I don't know what any of it is like and it makes me nervous. Also, my last labor was only 6 hours start to finish being induced. I plan to wait at home as long as possible to help my labor along but I'm afraid I'll wait too long. I know this sounds crazy but how will I know when it's getting close to the end? Any stories, advice or encouragement will be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

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You're brave to want to go natural. I'm pregnant with my first right now and from watching "A Baby Story" every day I can tell, I'll take the drugs. Good luck to you though!!!
I wanted both mine to be drug free but both my labors were really long 28 and 32 hours long. So needless to say I was tired and just wanted some rest and no pain. (the pushing only took an hour) My dad was the one that said- you don't get a medal by going drug-free, he then added-if it would of been available to your mom I would of made her take the drugs! I also ripped with my first and I can't even inmange not having the epideral to take the edge off. Good Luck

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