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What should be included on a baby shower registry?

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<P>What should be on a baby shower registry?&nbsp; Is it too much to ask for big ticket items like a stroller or a crib?&nbsp;</P>

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Babies R Us and other stores normally have lists you can work off of, just like stores do for wedding registries.  I think it's find to include the big items.  No one is obligated to buy them and you normally get a discount for "fulfilling" your registry at the end so you can always purchase the big ticket items then if you didn't get them.  Oh, and gift cards can be used to purchase those up as well. 
I am using my registry as a checklist for myself.  So, I put everything I will need for baby on the registry (minus a few big ticket things we bought already, like crib, dresser, glider).  People can buy what they would like, but then even when they are done, I can look at the list and know what I still need to buy.  If I don't make a list like that, I will surely forget something (like pacifiers, or crib sheets!).  And as the commentor above said, most places give you discounts on whatever is still on there after baby's born, so personally, I say GO FOR IT and register for everything you will need.
You should include everything you are going to need or want for the baby on your registry... including everything from washclothes and binkies to big ticket items like a crib, stroller, walker, jumpers, etc. Sometimes there may be a few people who want to go in on an item together and might be able to do a big item in that situation. And after our shower, Target & Babies R Us gave us a 20% discount on everything on our registry that hadn't been purchased! :)Oh, and don't forget to register for stuff like formula, diapers & wipes too... you go thru a ton of that and the cost adds up quickly!

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