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leg cramps!!

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I'm 28 weeks pregnant and have been getting the worst legs cramps! Does anyone else get them? Any other solutions besides eating bananas?

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Try massaging your legs or having someone else do it.  Try getting up and walking for a few minutes.  If it is really painful take a tylenol.  There isn't much else you can do.  I have never heard of eating bananas as a cure for leg cramps before. 
try to point your toes towards your head until it subsides - sometimes hard to do but works. 
Muscle cramps are often associated with low levels of potassium so it's potassium, not specifically bananas, that you should be trying to get more of.  I'm 34 weeks and have been getting leg cramps mostly at night.  I find flexing my calves by pointing my toes toward my head helps sometimes but what helps me most is to get up and walk around for a few minutes.  I usually have to pee, anyway, so after stumbling to the washroom I try to pace around for 3 or 4 minutes and then my legs feel MUCH better.  The past week I've been getting my husband to rub my feet and legs in long strokes from bottom up before bed.  This has helped the swelling in my feet and ankles but also seems to make the leg cramps not quite so bad during the night.
I know this sounds odd but calcium has worked WONDERS for me. I tried potassium and massage, hot baths... you name it nothing worked. I then was complaining about my awful leg cramps to a friend and she told me that a nightly bowl of ice cream worked wonders for her. I thought this to be just a way of getting to eat naughty and blaming it on the pregnancy but it works. I just have some low fat ice cream every night about 2 hours before bed and I have seen a substancial decrease in the amount of leg cramps that keep me awake... give it a shot if it doesn't work for you at least you get to eat some ice cream :)
I've only had one of these in my pregnancy, thank goodness - it was terrible!  I've heard the best thing you can do is to try and prevent them by stretching your legs really well before bed.
I get woke up every morning between 3 and 4 with those dang leg cramps and im here to tell ya, im 31 weeks and eat bananas several times a day and it hasnt stopped mine. nothing has. i wish id get an answer to them to but i think its just a part of pregnancy

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