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A lil shook up!!!

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I am 26 weeks as of 2day{11.6.10}, 1st time mom(besides a miscarriage in 08') but... I been a lil shook up allll week... Mon~My hubby got in a lil fite n i was al scared thnkin he wud get locked up n i wud b left alone(luckly self defense)... Tues~Im at wrk n sumbdy shuts da power off n robs my job!(i was sooo scared n scared da baby, n startd ta feel pain)... Wed~Had a vveeerrrrry bizi day, lot of non stop runnin around... Thurs~My boss tells me take it e z, but a lady ther didnt lik da sound of dat, so she kept tryna get me 2 argue wit her, she finally got 2 me n pushed my buttons so we startd arguing n she had da nerve ta say she hope i lose my baby!!(wow rite?!? I was so hurt n wen i got hme i cried myslf ta sleep) Fri~Did a lil more runnin round n gettn more things 4 baby... Jus wen i thought da day was goin good n i can try n rest n get stress off da baby, sum dudes wanna have a shootout rite outside of ma window!!(we r al ok)! Ugh, once again no sleep!! Now 2day... Im restless n gotta b ta wrk at 5 ~2... my stomach is havin dis cramping feeln on my lower left side n im sooo tired!!! Dnt kno wat ta do!!! Anythng???? Shud i go 2 er n make sure baby Ki'Mari is ok!!!??

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having pain is normal as long as ur not bleeding u should be ok..but deff try not to stress out..if i were u i woulda punched that lady for her saying she hopes u lose ur baby..she got some nerve..and as far as everything else u said u cant really avoid it, if ur bf was fighting in self defense then he had to do it and the shootout outside ur window is just some bad luck..everyday life can be stressfull esp while ur prego but when u get home try to forget about everything and relax even tho its hard..its not good for u or the baby to be stressed..hope evrything gets better
I also think that you need to relax but I know that it's really hard. I'm on my second pregnancy and it's hard for me too. As for the lady she needs to shut up but I know how hurtful it can be only because with my first child while at work someone said the same thing to me.  I cried a lot but I did not fight her because I was afraid that she would aim straight for my stomach and I did not believe that she was worth losing my baby over.  I did report it to my job after several times of being harassed by her but my job did nothing so instead I quit and decided to take time to prepare for the baby while my husband worked.  I don't know how far this will go for you but if she does try to hit you report to your manager and hopefully they will take care of it for you.  But honestly try to relax and don't get into any fights.

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