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looking for ideas for a new hair cut and color while i am pregnant

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I am 13 weeks and i am real need of a cut and a color, want something super cut while i am pregnant but something that is not going to be too much work because i also have a 18 month old and i am a full time mommy and college student...Please help

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Personally I would say go to your hair stylist and see what they would recommend.. my stylist is good at giving me ideas of things that she thinks would work great for me.. I am in the same boat as you.. I am wanting to do something different with my hair as well.. I am 30 weeks pregnant and have a 15 month old.. as well as being a fulltime student and mommy.. the only thing I have decided for sure is that it has to be something that doesnt involve alot of maintenance because as you know life gets pretty hectic anyways.. good luck and I hope that helps some =)
Depends on what type of hair you have. I have personally stayed away from getting my highlights retouched just to stay away from the chemicals. Just imagine, I had highlights and i've let them grow out (not cute..but worth the sacrifice for my baby). I say something maybe mid length where you can still have many options to style, yet simple to grab a pony tail. I personally cut my hair about 3 inches from my shoulders and had layers....i have very straight hair so that works for me... good luck!
If your pregnant a deffinatly would reccomend you to wait to dye your hair until after your baby is born. The chemicals in the dye are dangerous for your to breath in and are also going to seep into your blood flow which will be passed through  your baby! I watch my sister do the same thing and she had a couple complications with the babies heart rate after the fact. The cut is no big deal research different ones and find the certain style you like. But I would deffinatly hold off on the color. Just looking out!! Good luck

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