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Losing Weight still and beginning second trimester?

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I've just begun the second trimester and I've not gained weight, and still losing weight it seems. Eating hasn't been very appealing still, is there anything I can do to ensure I can gain the proper weight for my baby?

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I have gained very little weight throughout my pregnancy and am now 30 weeks.  Whether or not is should be cause for concern is really up to your OB.  It depends a lot on what your beginning weight was.  In my case, baby is growing well and I was a little on the heavy side (5'6" and 175) when I became pregnant.  So with a total of 5 pounds gained, they aren't too worried.  We figure that I've actually gained much more than that, but when you figure in what I've lost, it all works out.  I can tell you this - my baby bump is gigantic.In a nutshell, I wouldn't worry about it at this point, but I would definitely ask your doctor at your next visit.  For me, it was just eating when it sounded good.  Often, it was just a bowl of cereal for dinner, but that's better than nothing.  If you began pregnancy significantly underweight, then they may be more concerned, but you definitely aren't out of the ordinary for where you are in your pregnancy.
As long as your doctor isn't worried there isn't any reason for you to freak out. It all really does depend on your starting weight. As long as your baby is growing good there isn't any worry.
With my last pregnancy I had morning sickness from week 6 or 7 on throughout the entire pregnancy, and some days it was hard to keep anything down! The first 4 months I lost weight, but after that I ended up gaining 30 lbs in the pregnancy because I would just eat really small stuff very frequently. I would say not to stress out as that will make you even less hungry... just eat whatever sounds good (thats safe obviously) and try to keep something in your stomach to help from getting sick. Congrats & best of luck! :)

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