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Lost cant seem to get pregnant...HELP PLEASE?!

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My friend got pregnant twice. First baby was fine and healthy up to about month five I believe. The cord wrapped around his neck. They gave her something to go into labor and she had him but he was already gone.. A year later the second time she got pregnant we have no idea what went wrong, but she had a miscarriage. Its been a year now since that baby and shes been trying to conceive again. She was on the depo shot because she was very depressed having lost both her babies and started her period this month. That means shes ovulating again? She had intercourse two weeks before starting and the day before. Could she be pregnant? If not any advice on what helps the most? And what she can do to have a healthy safe pregnancy? Shes tried all the basics and even ovulation tests, but still hasn't gotten her baby. Any recommended vitamins? etc...? That can help her to conceive faster and safely?

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First of all she should relax and just have fun with her honey. Something about being uptight causes you to not get prego. Also I have read that people who have sex every day (like in really trying to get prego) take longer to conceive than those who don't as often. The best position to try is guy on top with her legs on his shoulders (fun!) I read it is the best for conceiving. Also if she is trying she should go ahead and change her diet as if she were prego all ready because the first few weeks are very important. That means taking prenatals too. That's all the tips I know of. I'm terribly sorry for her loss and hope all goes well for her in future pregnancies. :)
Thankyou I am definitely emailing this to her:))
hi, i decided to make one of these crystal because i noticed it was helping you out a lot and i was hoping other moms can help me too, hope thats cool.and mommyofzoo, i'm the friend she posted this for, and thanks crystal very much!(: but thank you very much for the advice, its very discouraging to keep getting negitive tests and even if they were positive i'd just be paranoid to lose another baby..
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