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Is lower abdomen pain normal during the second trimester?

3 answers
Sharp pains occur every now and then in the lower abdomen.

answers (3)

I have going throught the exact same thing the past few days!  It's likely that it is just your ligaments and muscles stretching to accomodate your little one and is normal.  As long as the pain isn't accompanied by any other unusual symptoms then don't worry about it too much--do tell your doctor about it next time you see them though just to make sure!
Being that everything is stretching out still, it is usually very normal! If you are prone to kidney stones you may want to keep an eye on it, as when I was pregnant and had kidney stones, the pain presented in my stomach instead of in my side or back as it usually did.
Most of the time that is just normal stretching, however during my last pregnancy i had the same kind of pain and it ended up being an urinary tract infection. More than likely nothing to worry about though!

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