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lower abdonminal pain, normal??

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hello, i've got three postive tests so far and that would make me four or five weeks pregnant on thursday. i've been having pain in my lower tummy but its more on the right side then anything. my friend said this is normal and she and her sister both had the same thing and thats how they'd know when they're pregnant. according to her, its the baby implanting in the uterus. is that true? whats going on?

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Sounds right to me.  I've always had soreness or tenderness while the babies were implanting.  You are going to experience a lot of stretching and changes in your belly area, especially if this is your first.  You can also have a little spotting or bleeding from the implantation. 
oh good so thats normal? haha i was freaking out! but i'm like 3 or 4 weeks, would the baby really be implanting that late? i figured it would earlier like a week or 2..idk lol i've been pregnant before but i was a teen nobody really taught me these things.
your baby usually implants at week 3 so your good no worries, I found out I was pregnant at week 3 and now am 7 weeks. The pain (if not severe) is completely normal. Just growing pains from your uterus stretching. You will experience these for awhile. :))
i know how far a long you are crystal. lol. thanks.
lohl i didnt know it was you at first :P I didn't read the name haha, but I was wrong. Im 8 weeks

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