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maternity clothes?

5 answers
Anyone know of good deals or good websites to find maternity clothes?

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I just bought a bunch of clothes from  I like that they have long pants especially since I'm 5'11'.  They're having a sale this week on maternity and baby clothes.
maybe walmart website
I've purchased from Motherhood.comI like it because they offer a great variety of clothes, especially business pants since I work in an office.
I found some great deals at Kohl's.  Shirts that were usually $25 and $30, nice blouses not tees, were like between $3 and $7!  They were on clearance so it's not like a steady thing, but I really liked the stlyes and they all fit really cute.  I would say that you should watch for sales, I'm the kind of person that only likes to shop once, especially now that my back is constantly aching!  So find something that you love, that you will want to wear.  Even if it costs a little more than you might usually spend.  It has been nice to have something to motivate me to get dressed in the morning :)
Used is the best deal. Next to handme downs or borrowed. After that I lived in Old Navy and found it far more comfortable (and less expensive) than Motherhood.

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