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May sound stupid but I have to ask...

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What should i take to the hospital with me when i deliver? This will be my second c-section but i never had to pack before the first one...I went into preterm labor with my twins and was sent to the hospital for weeks. I never thought to ask before but now i can't figure out what i might need.

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I don't think it's stupid at all -- this is what my husband and I came up with after some research -- hope this helps!FOR US ?       Wallet (with Id’s and insurance cards) ?       Glasses and contacts ?       Purse ?       Toothbrush and paste ?       Deodorant ?       Pads ?       Brush w/ clippies and ponytail holders ?       Smelly good stuff ?       Shampoo and Conditioner ?       Body wash w/ poof ?       Face wash ?       Robe ?       Slippers ?       Socks ?       Pillow ?       Panties ?       Nursing bras w/ nipple cream and nursing pads ?       Extra outfit ?       Going home outfit ?       Nightgown x 2 ?       Camera w/ batteries ?       Music ?       Cell phones w/ chargers ?       Snacks   FOR BABY ?       Going home outfit ?       Receiving blanket         ON THE WAY ?       Towel and garbage sack (in case water breaks on way to hospital) ?       Baby book (scrapbook) – They can put his footprints in it  
I agree with the list since i have already delivered two children myself but i would add one more thing for baby are washcloths to wipe baby or extra gentle wipes only because the washcloths supplied by the hospitals are so heavily bleached this can be irritating to baby's skin.  Good luck
that list says it all, but i would add one more thing: money for the birth certificate. it was 12 dollars at my hospital.
Add to that list a car seat.  It seems obvious but my brother actually forgot it and had to go home to get it.  I think most hospitals don't let you leave without one.

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