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me and my husband have sex every night but its starting to get painful

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not while we are doin it when were doin it it feels so good but when we are done i get sharp pains down there im 12 weeks is this normal

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yes thats normal i used to get them pains with with my first child. its just because your expanding more down there. but also is he doing it to hard that could also be why you are in pain. but my doc always told me its because everything down there is expanding and its normal for those kinda pains
ok thanks
Try new positions that don't allow him to go too deep. I always thought that  laying sideways is a good way to be comfortable and painless.
doggy style doesent hurt it feels good just put pillows under your breast so your belly doesent smack down
u could also try u on top u  have more control over how deep and how hard u do it so id try that and yes i tried doggy it seemed fine to no pains this was my first pregnancy also so i know what u mean i had alot of worries
Semen has a hormone called prostaglandin that induces contractions. The after pains you may be feeling could be due to small but harmless contractions, going too deep, or the uterus getting heavier. Some people use condoms during this time to prevent the semen from reaching the cervix. This is just a comfort thing. Contractions are totally harmless.

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