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Metal Detectors...

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I'm going to be traveling soon, by plane, and Im it ok to go through the metal detectors? And What if they select me for a body scan, how can prove Im pregnant I don't have my first appt. until after I get back. Will any of these hurt the baby? Im 7 wks...

answers (3)

I traveled a lot during my second pregancy, so I wound up going through them more than once.  I had a normal pregnancy, delivery and my newborn seems to be just fine.  X-rays are a big no-no, but I've never had a professional opinion on metal detectors.
I traveled just fine in my second trimester. The only warnings I got about traveling was to not do it to late into my third trimester because the cabin pressure could induce early labor for some women. So go ahead and jet set you will be fine and little bump will be just fine too. Just wear comfy clothing, I made the mistake of wearing heels and boy was that uncomfortable standing waiting to go through security check!
I hope this isn't too late, but your roller coaster post made me think on this a little more... they have those signs posted saying that you shouldn't ride rough rides if youre pregnant, and you will always see warning labels on certain products, and if you go get x-rays you'll probably see signs banning pregnant women, or like in my case, I HAD to take a pregnancy test before I got my bladder x-rayed...I don't think I've ever seen a sign regarding pregnant women and metal detectors... but now I'm curious!  I still think you'll be okay though.

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