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Okay so went for an ultrasound today and cannot find baby...Doc said I miscarried. Cervix is closed? and they are going to monitor my blood until I get back to 0..... I couldn't stop crying I am terrified I mean TERRIFIED of needles and I just handed them my arm for the bloodwork. I felt failure and I felt dead inside like numb yet invincible like nothing else could hurt me cause I was in so much pain.. Fiance doesn't want to try again for a couple of years. Kinda got my hopes further down, but I understand and that is how it will have to be. The ONLY reason I can smile at all is because although I am devastated that me and keith won't be able to raise our baby, the one who does is God and our little angel will have that perfect life every parent wants for their kids. Good luck to everyone, I hope things go better for you and if your as unlucky as us I can only hope that you will look at it in a similar way and be able to smile too.

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I am so sorry to hear that you lost your baby :( I know its hard but I truely admire you and your strength. To be able to look on thee bright side and say I'm glad my child is with God as soon as you have is something to be proud of. Most people are never able to say that or it takes them years to get to that point. I will pray for God to comfort you and help you with the pain. Try to keep your head up and I am here for you if you need someone to talk to. I admire you for your strength. I hope everything works out for the best sweetie. Good luck :)
I am so sorry to read this as well.. I hope that things get better for you and your fiancee. I am very glad to hear that you are trying to be positive over the whole ordeal.. that is something that I can say I dont know if I would be able to do and admire you completely for your strength. I too am here if you ever need to talk hun =)
remember this sister."to every thing there is a season, and a time and place under the heavens"it's in Ecclesiastes, it gave me hope when i was in your shoes. i love you, and you can call anytime. i have something for you when i see you next.i had a really good answer for this, but it closed out and i lost it. i hope that verse helps a little.take care and hold your head up, your season will come.
Thankyou all of you!! :)) I know that this was inevitable and God has something bigger for our baby. All I could picture when they told me they couldn't find anything was my little angel asleep in our arms. I know one day that will be real. I guess the only part I am not strong about is thinking whether or not it will happen again? I know a woman who had 7 miscarriages and then with her 8th didn't care anymore cause she figured she would lose it and now has a precious little girl. I don't want that. I feel for her, but I'm not sure I could handle that much loss personally. My fiance did not cry. He told me he had to fight back the tears because he thought it would only tear me apart even more if he let it out. I wish he would have. It was OUR loss not just mine and he is hurt just as much as I am. I feel for everyone who has ever had to go through this. It helps a ton more to know people are willing to help you out. It's something that is tough to talk about, but I have no problem sharing it with anyone who has questions about what it's like. Or was for me anyway. It took one long shower for me to cry all I needed to and to realize it's not the end and my baby is not dead or hurting at all. It was rainy and cloudy when I went to the doctor and after I found out, but as soon as I realized that God had everything in control the sun broke through. It was ironic I thought. Like a light bulb over my head lohl. Everyone thinks it's weird that I can smile and joke after hearing such devastating news, but how can I not? My baby would not want me to sulk and to give up on God and life because my Riley is in heaven and happier than I could ever be on Earth. I'm still a mom and my fiance is still a dad and when we are ready and have another baby we will tell our child about Riley and explain that they have an older sibling in Heaven (when they are old enough to understand of course). I will definitely come to you if I need it. It makes me stronger to know that you want to help me :)) It really helps me to smile even more, thankyou so much:))!!
i thank god for you crystal, you're amazing. that just made me cry tears of joy! thats so powerful, you're so strong! you're right, we should be happy!!! its sad for our loss, but happy for heaven's gain! i'm sorry if i don't help at all, i do want to so if you need me just text or call or come on over. 
I'm sorry for you loss.  You are a very strong woman with a great perspective on life, love and loss.  May your future be filled with many, many blessings!
I hope yours is too! :)
try again hunn ; its worth it . i misscarried in april and had to have surgury to remove thebaby . now im 17 weeks and due in may . me and my fiancee went on a vactation to maryland the night of my surgery and that helped tremendously . i was still crying myself to sleep every night for weeks but now i feel my baby kick constantlyy . i got a tattoo for my first baby but im glad i got a chance at a second . i think about how lucky i am every time he kicks . dont give up ; youll have your blessing .
Aww thats so sweet :)) I want to get a tattoo for Riley also, what did you get? I was thinking an angels wing folded with Riley Payton Garcia written on one of those fortune cookie papers going through the inside if the wing? but im not sure.. I would really like to try again, but only when were both ready. 100%, were still afraid that next time will be as unlucky, but i hope not, fingers crossed!!
Lohl awwww that is so adorable! I love that and i cant wait till I get the chance to feel my baby kick I bet it's like nothing else :'). Thankyou so much I feel so much more relief you have no idea. I'm so happy for you and I wish you the best of luck:)) p.s. I will be sure to get the tattoo on my shoulder, :) that way it won't stretch ;))


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