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missed period. three weeks late.

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my last period was march 8, 2010 and it only last 4 days on and off. it was not steady. i was expected to have a period april 5, 2010 but it never came and i have not seen any signs of it yet. i am 3 weeks and 2 days late from my april period. my stomach seems to be growing, roundly. even my boyfriend has noticed. i feel like i am continuously eating even when im not really that hungry. my stomach cramps in the lower region and i use the bathroom a lot more frequently than usually. i am always tired and during the afternoons i get to feeling run down like i need to go home and take a nap. my breast have became tender to the touch and hurt badly in the mornings. also, i am more gaseous than usual which is embarrassing when im in public or at work. i have morning sickness and hot showers make me feel faint. i have taken 2 pregnancy tests; one [+] one [-] i am scheduled to have blood work done thursday april 29, 2010. just hoping yall might could give me some answers also.

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The best thing you can do is to go to the doctor or a clinic and get a test done there.  Since you only have a few more days until you're appointment, I'd just wait it out.  It IS very easy to fool yourself into being pregnant though, I did it to myself 3 times before I actually became pregnant with my second.
It sounds like you are pregnant..but it is easy to convince yourself that you are pregnant when your not. I was convinced several times that I was pregnant and I wasn't. I would suggest that if you feel like you can't wait for your appointment take another at home test...but it's probably best to just wait until your appointment.
i also have convinced myself and gave myself the symptoms of pregnancy but when that happened my period always started the week it was suppose to. i have a regular 28 day cycle and i can pin point when i am suppose to start. never fails. so this is why i am concerned that i may possibly be. but my biggest concern and question is. considering my march period was light and spotty and only last 4 days where my usual period last a whole 7 and then i never had one in april. could i have conceived in march and didnt know it, that would mean i am 11 weeks pregnant. but if i conceived in april i would only be 7 weeks.
Dr's  would be the best bet for this. I also have convinced myself of being pregnant and wasnt, I think it is a common thing for women. Your appointment will tell you what is really going on.
To me it sounds like you are pregnant.  Those home pregnancy tests can give you false negatives.  I would just stick with the appointment that you have set up and see what happens there.  For the record my sister with her second pregnancy kept taking home pregnancy tests and they kept coming out negative.  She even had one urine pregnancy test from a doctors office come back negative, but then they needed to do blood work to find out what was wrong with her.  She was having issues that would have been normal in pregnancy but since they thought she wasn't pregnant they wanted to find out what was wrong.  Well the blood pregnancy test they did came back positive and 9 months later she had my nephew.  This stuff can be hard on us.  I wish you luck and I know that you are pregnant and the clinic will tell you.
thank y'all for all the input and answers. i am super excited to find out today at 2:30. thanks again.

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