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im 18 weeks today and started feeling slight movements last week. i was wondering how often should i be feeling the baby?

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Right now You won't have to be worrying too much about how much movement you're feeling because the baby still isnt strong enough to give you those big jabs quite yet. so chances are You won't be feeling it much until you're in your 20ish weeks.My doctor told me when I'm 28 weeks,I'm suposed to start watching the babys movements,and if it doesnt move within 24 hours,then to contact him.BUT,I have friends who are pregnant too,and their doctor said,if the baby doesnt move 10 times in 2 hours,then to call them.(I see this idea as flawed because most people are up and moving around most of the time,which rocks the baby to sleep most chances are you wont be feeling it move 10 times in 2 hours if your out walking around and what not)if you do get worried, you can eat a snack,or drink a cold glass of orange juice,and go sit or lay in a quiet place...see if that gets the baby moving around.(I always feel the baby more when I'm laying down for a while)I've also read,that babies move mostly at night,so you probably sleep through most of the movements.(I dont remember where I heard this so I cant validate it 100%)but really,in the end, after a few weeks of movements,you will begin to notice a rough pattern in when your baby likes to play and when it doesnt. so go with your heart in the end in my opinion.( mine usually moves in the morning,and then late afternoon it REALLY gets moving,and then at night it goes to town on my rib cage,and then the next day t wont move at all except for a few light kicks,and then the next day its back to normal. I havent called the doctor yet,usually the orange juice trick works for me) hope this helps :) 
At this stage in your pregnancy, you're not going to notice a lot of movement unless you're still for long periods.
It's not very noticeable at first, but it starts to pick up as you get further along. I didnt start feeling anything til the end of my 19 weeks. I'm 23 weeks and my baby is most active at night when I'm sleeping and at the end of my work day. Keep your head up, the baby will start moving a lot more soon.
Sometimes the baby can get its days and nights mixed up. Maybe your baby has decided to play while you are sleeping? Is the baby moving at all during the day? If you get too worried then call your dr. That's what they are there for and they are used to those kind of calls. I'm pretty sure most women who have experienced decreased movement have made that call. Good luck and I hope all is well! :)
I would call your dr if its bothering you but then again you are early enough that you just may not be noticing some of the little movements.. try drinking some orange juice its suppose to really get the babies moving and then maybe there will be bigger movements that you can notice.. But I do agree with mommyofzoo.. both of my babies have been pretty quiet during the day and as night gets closer.. about 10-11 pm they start moving around alot! I then get the pleasure of being woken up in the night from them being in my ribs lol.. good luck =)

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