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mucus plug: color, amount, after lightening?

4 answers
I woke up this morning feeling "wet" down there. I go to the bathroom and wipe and its a clear yellow color and rather slimy. It looked like snot. Is that my mucus plug? Does this happen after the baby has dropped? On thursday the doc said she hasnt dropped yet. I'm 37 weeks now and I have nobody here to walk me through all the pregnancy stuff so answers are greatly appreciated.

answers (4)

yes that was your mucus plug when i lost mine in my first pregnancy i went into labor that day
I lost my mucus plug June 8th, mine was white and round and had a tint of blood. I am now 31 weeks 5 days and have had some stingy discharge since then but am just fine, no dilation or anything. 
My plug came out buit what I didn't know was that my water broke to so when I came in 3 days later I didn't have any fluid in there. If you were feeling a lot wet call your doc and ask what she/he thinks.
I have a question... I mucas a little here and there... my mom says my mucas plug hasnt came out yet.. she said it'll be a big chunk of mucas but ive only been sliming.. ive been sliming for the longest and im 29 weeks and 5 days

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