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my 10 month old alissa

2 answers
shes starting to walk but now that shes walking she gets into everything what can i do to disaplin her when she messes with stuff she shouldnt mess with

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I always just popped my baby's hand if it was something they kept getting in to. Other than that you could move her hand away and tell her no in a stern voice. Try distracting her from the things she shouldn't get into with her favorite toy when you see her heading for something she shouldn't get. It's hard to keep them out of stuff when they're that little. Good luck to you sweetie! :)
yes I agree it seemed very hard to get my daughter to stay out of things that she should not have been in .. I did the smacking her hand when she grabbed something she shouldnt have.. of course dont smack them hard.. but she would cry and get upset if you barely tapped her I think that alot of it was also the tone of the voice that would hurt her feelings as well.. Now that she is older.. 15 months we are fighting the same battle all over again.. the hand smacking doesnt seem effective anymore lol good luck =)

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