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My 15month old son isnt talking.... I asked his Dr and he didnt seemed too concerned... What should I do? Is that normal?

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He says Momma and Daddy SOMETIMES!!! and he points to what he wants and babbles but no real words...

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That is perfectly normal for a 15 month old not to talk a whole lot.  As long as he is saying words he is fine.  He may even put maybe 2 to 3 word sentences together, but most likely he will just for a few more months say one word at a time.
You should be fine.  With my first, I checked up on milestone charts periodically just to see if she was on track or not, but once I realized that she was- every single time- I completely forgot about them and continued to do my own thing with her. I can't remember when mine started saying things, but I've always talked to her- I'll point out things in the store, things in the house, things on TV, anywhere and everywhere.  With her toys and books, I was always pointing things out and asking her if she could say it, and she eventually surprised me by saying whatever it was.  It just takes practice, like walking and feeding themselves. One thing though- we NEVER used babytalk!  I have a cousin that was in speech therapy til 12 years old because no one could understand a word he could say, and my uncle and aunt spoke to him in babytalk up to that point.  He's brilliantly smart, but as a kid, never learned to form the muscles in his mouth needed for regular, adult speech. 
My nephew is half white and half spanish.  His father spoke only english to him and his mother spoke only spanish.  Babies learn language through hearing what people around them say.  So my nephew didn't learn to speak full sentences until he was around 3.  He had to see a speach therapist.  One thing that will help is talking to your baby constantly.  Put him in a highchair beside the sink while you wash dishes and tell him what each thing is.  "This is a fork, this is a plate, this is a cup."  Do the same thing when you go to the park, in the car, the grocery store.  After awhile he'll pick it up more and more.  But try not to rush him.  He'll speak when he's ready.  Maybe he's just the strong silent type.

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