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into my 2nd trimester (14-16wks) and showering triggers my gag reflex...anyone ever experience this?

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I had an issue with passing out when I was in the shower but not gagging. My gag reflex reacted mostly when trying to brush my teeth and tongue throughout the majority of my pregnancy. Have you tried to take cooler showers to see if it helps?
Make sure not to wash your face and neck during your shower but at the sink if that's when you gag. I had that problem with my first baby - the shower spray on my throat made me gag. If it's the steamy air, try taking a cooler shower. If it's the smell of the soap or shampoo, you may need to switch brands or scents for a while. I noticed that the fruity-smelling shampoos made me nauseous early in this pregnancy, but when I switched to lavendar shampoo it helped a lot.
Im 32.4 weeks pregnant and sometimes i get a little light headed in the shower but never experienced gagging in the shower.  Howerver in early pregnnacy i would gag from brushing and flossing my was horrible!!  Luckily that had passsed.

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