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my 5 month old has had cracked lips for almost a month or so now and I've tryed everything and the only thing thats been helping slowly is A&D ointment, what is this problem caused by? His docter really dont help much.

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And does anyone have any other ideas on what might work better?

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odds are it is just chapped lips.  I would just keep doing what you are doing, but don't put it on the baby until after the baby has eaten or drank from a bottle.  But if the doctor isn't worried then it is just plain old chap lips.  But keep an eye on it and if it looks worse or doesn't seem to get better take the baby back to the doctor.
Most babies get chapped lips from licking their lips or drooling. It is very normal. You can use chap stick or vaseline to help. Try to wipe away any drool as you see it.

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