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my 8 month old wont stop crying

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ive tryed rocking her giving her some toys feeding her changing her diper i tryed singing to her walking around with her taking her for a ride in the car giving her gas drops tylenol i tryed moving her legs around to see if she had to poop i tryed giving her to my husband to see if he could calm her down and i tryed breast feeding her which most of the time gets her to sleep but she just screamed shes been crying for 2 days i havent got any sleep and im pregnant to so i need some sleep got any ideas

answers (5)

I would definitely talk to her doctor it could be something wrong. Try to watch and see if she messes with her ears. My kids scream like that when they have ear infections so that might be what's wrong. Try warming a rag or towel and laying it on her ear if you think that's what it is. the warmth should soothe the pain and help her sleep. Also, children can sense when you're stressed and it makes them more upset. If you and your husband both are way stressed out about what is wrong you won't be able  to soothe her. Try getting someone who hasn't been around the past few days with her screaming (your mom or a friend) and see if they can calm her down. Good luck and I'll be praying for you.
Is she teething? Check. Her gums and see if they're red and swollen. My 9 month old son screams like that when he has a new toot coming in.
i took her to the emergency room and the docter said she had a really really bad ear infection so he gave her some medicen to take anyways after she took it she fell asleep thanks guys for helping me
im happy shes ok

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