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my baby has really bad gas hes been screaming and crying all day

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i cant get him to burp is there anything i can do to help him

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hum... I had a baby like this at the daycare I use to work at.. Try different ways of laying him.  Laying him on his tummy on ur lap.  sometimes the pressure on his tummy will help him burp.. Have you tried gas drops?
Little tummies gas drops are a great help!  With my second son it helped to pat in a pattern - run your hand up his back from his bum to his upper back.  Lean him forward on one of your hands supporting his head, neck and shoulders and use the other hand to pat him.  Keep doing it in that pattern.  (don't go up and down with your pattern - only up) It helps work the air up and out. If you feel the gas pressure in his tummy, lay him on his back (place him on your legs) and take your hand flat on his tummy.  Start counter clockwise and apply pressure with your hand to his tummy.  Think of it this way, outer pinky finger, finger tips, outer thumb, heal of your hand keep rotating your hand in this manner.  You don't have to use force, use gentle pressure helps move the gas around and ease the pain and pressure on your little guy. 
thanks so much for your help

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