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my babys father

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my baby's father is in a relationship with another girl and now he's saying my baby might not be his when we both no he was the only person. even though she takes care of him n let him mess around on her and still takes him back i think thats what he don't want 2 leave is here taking care of him , cause he no im not gone take care of him. so he gone say ima wait and see till the baby gets here before i no what ima do. and i said what you mean and he said ima get a dna test and he dont want anything to do with me . he dont want me 2 have his number . and i was in the hospital friday and i got his number from his nephew since he wuhn give it to me and i told him i was in there and too come check on me he said no and how you got my number he wuhn worried about me sick he just wanted to no how i got his number. So now i feel alone cauz he wants to wait till our baby gets here and get it tested before he step in and help buy things .im so confused cauz i think he wants to stay with her cauz she buys him and i dont but if you have any advice for let me no what my next move should be.

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I personally think you should forget about him. Where he is at is where he wants to be(with a girl that takes care of him). He is the one that is going to miss out not you, and he is going to have to live with that. Either he is going to come around and be there for you and the baby or he is not; so, there is no reason for you to worry yourself(plus stress is not good for the baby). He is a loser and he knows it.
I would say forget him. A relationship is not healthy for you, him, and the baby. You don't want the baby growing up in that kind of environment. I'm not with my son's biological father  but I did find a great guy to take care of me and my son. Everything will work out. Have to have faith!
I would say bye, right now. I know what its like to go threw this all alone but do you want him and his other girlfreind in your business and if he isnt willing to leave her then he doesnt want you or your baby. I know it hurts but, you have to move on. Its life its never easy.
ive got the samething goin on wit me but he said he still loves me but hes engaged to this girl i dnt like at all.
Ok, if he is really gunna be like that to you why would you want him in your life anyway? I mean can you imagine what that would be like everyday? you would be worried all the time that he is prolly making babies with someone else! I say you should forget about him. I know its easier said than done, but as you've already read- its a horrible enviroment to put you and your baby in. If he really wants to do a DNA test let him, but just so you can get child support not so that he will finally decide to be in your life. If he loved you or even liked you for that matter he would be all over this baby stuff and wouldnt doubt that it was his. but he isnt... so honey you are better off without him! I hope your pregnancy goes great!

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