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my baby's father

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ok so im 19 and this is my first child, unfortunaley i made a mistake n now have to take the responsibility. problem is the father wants to wait till the baby is tested before he really steps in and does his part. he knows it is his and i do as well, but i cant get him to c it. but life always throws in a minkey wrench. he already has a daughter and so he tells of how hard it is with this n that n it kills me to think he will take care of her n not ours together. i jus dont kno wat to do. im alone n scared with no support because my mom hates me for this and im not really gettin any support from him. im n a dilema n i jus am clueless as wat to do. any advice?

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so is the baby here already? If so then I would say get ahold of the courts in your county and get the paternity testing done asap so that he will legally have to help with her.. if she isnt here yet and it is the things that you will need when she gets here that you are struggling to get then check around your communtity we have places here that you can attend parenting classes and things like that and then you get little coupons that you can save and exchange for a new crib and things like that.. I wish you the best of luck and another idea is if it is things for the baby once she gets here depending on your due date you can go to garage sales.. we do alot of our things that way since little ones grow so fast anyway.. hope that helps some sweetie.. good luck =)
well the baby is not here yet but i jus dont want to be left alone, n im not trying to have any drama from his other childs mother either. n idk if i can handle it all by myself, if he wont claim the baby all the way.
i'm really sorry to hear that you are going through this....i'm here if you ever need anyone to talk to. and i'll keep you in my prayers. everything will be fine, and once you can get the test, do so. then he will have no excuse to say its not his.
thank you i really appreciate that, i dont have any support n it helps ta have some.
if there is a way to message me on here, feel free to do so anytime. i didn't have a daddy to support me during my two pregnancies, and they resulted in miscarriages both times. i lost a son late into it, and another baby just a few weeks after i found out i was pregnant. so i needed the support as well and didn't have any from the father, just from friends. and i've come to find that friends can be enough. they saved me from going insane lol.
I am so sorry to hear that you are having to go through this. Guys are so stupid (the majority of the time!) and they just can't be made to see what they all ready know. I don't know what to tell you to get him to wake up but I can understand you not wanting all the drama from the other mother. Woman can be very brutal unfortunately. I would not pressure him but I would try to get him to tell you why he doesn't think its his. Are you guys together? Have you been split up? If not then how could he possibly think its not his? I am here for you if you need anything and I will be praying that your situation and all the drama be ressolved. Good luck honey and just hold on things will get better! :)
the father of my baby is exactly the same way.. i am also 19, and this is also my first. i am 31 weeks pregnant with a little boy, and i'm scared too, but trust me, we can do this on our own if we need to. it sucks that you have no one to support you... you should find a friend thats pregnant too.. because they tend to be good people, and very supportive.
I am about 7 weeks with my second baby.. My first one her father skipped out on me when i wa 6 months pregnant.. about 4 months after the fact he came back with a court order for a pertenity test. and of course it was his.. Now he has to pay for what he did.and he still doesnt wat nothing to do with her. So i know what ur goin through. If you need a friend I am here as well..

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