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my babyshower is tomorrow.......really excited but nervous help

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i found out im having a boy im gonna name him drake mason and i have all the stuff for the shower except games any ideas

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i thought u were having a girl and naming her bella? the doc messed that up too?
no i was gonna name it bella dawn if it was a girl i didnt say i was having a girl
ok I am confused I thought I read a post earlier and said that you were 39 weeks and getting excited for labor and wanting to know what it was like.. your having a baby shower in your 39th week?? kinda scary to think you could end up going into labor any time isnt it?
yea but i thought i was 18 weeks but yesterday i went to the docter and he said that he messed up and im really 39 weeks so here i was thinking i had more time but it turns out i dont thats why im a little late on having the baby shower because of my stupid docter
oh my goodness he was that far off?? do you have any of the things that you need even... I cant even imagine.. atleast you will get to hold the little one soon.. we went online and looked up game ideas for our shower with our daughter.. played games like naming the baby animal when the mother was named if that makes sense.. there were some cute ones..
thanks i have some stuff like ,bottles,clothes,bassinet,binkys, but i still need a few things

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