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my back has been aching i cant seem to get confortable in bed is this normal???

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WAAAYYY normal! Mine was so soar for a while I had to sleep in an almost upright position. I still can't get use to only sleeping on my sides sometimes and will have a hard time falling asleep. Be sure not to lay flat on your back though while your sleeping (it restricts blood flow to your uterus and your baby). Buy a pregnancy sleeper, they work wonders and are soft and comfy.
OH YEAH!  I recently invested in a memory foam matress top from Wal-mart for around 100.00.... best investment i've made this pregnancy!  So much so that I sit at work all day and look forward to going home so i can go to sleep! LOL... sad but true!  A pillow between the legs in a side-laying position also helps.
I bought a body pillow (one of those long ones) and I sleep with my back up against it to help support me. I also sleep with a pillow between my legs and under my stomach to help support my belly and keep my hips elevated.

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