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My boy friend and two of my friends say that I am pregnant because of my stomach and the craving I have but I dont belive I am.

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I drink milk more when i never really like it,eat peanut butter with nature valley bars, tooth paste makes me want to throw up and now I am at the point where I dont sleep or even 4hrs of sleep feel like I have slept the whole night.

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Have you taken a pregnancy test?
No I havent yet. Have an appointment on Aug 9th to find out but dont know if i should because i am suppose to start my period nxt wk
You might be pregnant.  When i was pregnant, i couldnt eat anything and i got sick when i tried to brush my teeth. Take the test or see your doc just in case.  When your pregnant you want to take your prenatals from the start to make sure you will have a healthy baby.
I would say to take a pregnancy test just to be sure and if one comes back negative and you are suposse to be starting next week take another one then if you dont start on time. I get sick everytime I brush my teeth and have trouble eating anything and I am 18 weeks pregnant. It has been that way the whole time with this pregnancy.. good luck =)
I have got one from the dollar store and it said negtive but my boyfriend still think i am and i think so too because the things i always eat never seem spicy and now they do and the smell of different things make me gag lik the bottle of cleaner thats not even open but i can smell it.
I agree that the smell thing could definitly be a sign.. try not to worry or stress about it too much, which I know is easier said then done but just wait you said you were suppose to start next week right.. wait til then and if you dont start on time then go get another one at the dollar store.. I know that the tests there work since I have found out both times I was pregnant with those but it is possible that you just took one too early since your not even suppose to start yet.. good luck and try not to stress like I said.. stressing can affect if you start on time or not too =)
Thanks for the advice and yall have been very helpful.

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