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My boyfriend had this dream that I died

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while giving birth to our baby,does anyone know what this means??

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Its probably just his fears coming out in the form of a dream. Everyone knows that childbirth isn't an easy thing so maybe he's just worried about you. I wouldn't worry about it. I think it shows how much he loves you! :)
She's Definitley Right!  He loves you so much and he's just worried I myself have had several of those dreams but I believe that I'm going to be ok.  Birth can just be a scary thing to some people especially with a fear of the unknown but you should be very happy that he loves you so much.
I am in agreement with the other 2 ladies.. I wouldnt think too much about the dream other then he really does love you and is concerned about your well being.. but in general I wouldnt put anymore thought into this dream then you would any other.. good luck =)
i agree its probably your fears coming out in your dreams

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