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My boyfriend hasn't told his parent yet...

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So I am 16 weeks pregnant, we only found out when I was 9 weeks. We didn't say a word to anyone until I went for my first appointment and we knew everything was ok. (I've had a miscarriage in the past.) Once I heard the heart beat and they said every looked great I told my boyfriend everything was ok. He told his girls (14years old and 13 years old) about a week later, his sister found out because she's on my facebook (not my fault) and he told his brother last week, but he still has not told his parents. We have even been over to their house with his sister and brother and the girls and nothing was said. It's like some big secret we were all keeping. I really don't want to fight with him about not telling them but he keeps telling me he's really excited and happy and he's even showing baby bump pictures to his Aunt who i have never met but him not telling his parents just kinda makes me feel like this baby is something to hide. My whole family knew the week of the appointment. My boyfriend even told me i needed to tell my dad who I don't really talk to and haven't since i was 12. I just need someone to tell me that I'm not totally nuts, that this should bug me, and that he needs to tell them because I feel like I'm over reacting about it.

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I am in agreement with you I woudl be bothered by it too so I dont think you are nuts.. I cant imagine what the big deal is about telling his parents yet he has told and shown pictures to everyone else.. my boyfriend called and told his mom as soon as we got the positive test with both of our kids lol.. I wish you luck and maybe you should just try talking to him about it
You are not nuts thats for sure. I think its strange that he hasn't told them when he is showing it off to others. Has he given you a reason for not telling them? I would definitely tell him you feel like you're keeping it secret from them. Try to stay positive and remember atleast he is happy and excited about it. Talking about it is the only way to get it fixed! Good luck :)
I think that it's really stupid that he's keeping it a secret from his parents.  With my first child my mom made me keep my pregnancy a secret because I was only 18 and still in high school and by the time I knew it everyone was talking about it behind my back. To make it worst at my older sister's baby shower my aunt asked me how my pregnancy(I was 6 months pregnant) was in front of my grandmother who had no idea.  My grandma then was really upset with me but not because I was so young or still in high school but because I didn't tell her.  She wanted to be a part of my pregnancy and my mother made me keep it from her.  I felt really bad and now with my second pregnacy I made sure that my grandma was one of the first to know.  I really think that he should tell his parents because being the grandparents they might want to be a part of your pregnancy and all he's doing is hiding it from them.
You def arent overreacting but that may be an underlying reason he doesnt feel comfortable telling them that may have  nothing to do with you or the baby so I would maybe approach it that why and just see if there is another reason he is waiting. He may be afraid of their reaction. offer him diff ways to tell them, i.e alone, together, with the girls, in a surprise card etc... I doubt he is ashamed or trying to hide the baby if he is showing everyone else
My spouse is the same. I don't understand it, but you're not alone. (We have a 4 year old too, its not like it is our first!). It is strange that nobody has said anything to them yet if everybody else knows. I would suggest telling him that you are going to call his mom. If he freaks out, make him. Or, just do it yourself!
I plan on talking to him about it. It's just one of those conversations that I'm not sure how to start. He's mom and I are on good terms but not like i have her number and she has mine. His family and some of mine for that matter aren't too ok with the 13 year difference between us. Thank you all for your advice. I'm going to ask him if he has told them not or yet. Just need to figure out how to start that conversation and navigate it go it don't turn into an argument.
So I asked him and he said that every time he's over there talking to them he forgets.
Kaorie, I'm sorry your boyfriend seems to "forget" something so important.  It's not like he could keep it from them forever, because that's exactly how it sounds to me.  Especially when you REALLY start showing.  Maybe you should call his parents and tell them the wonderful news yourself?

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