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my daughter in law is 28 weeks and is running out of room for baby to grow can anything be done to make room for baby her first baby was 31 weeks

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Trust me, the baby can stretch a woman OUT as far as need-be. My aunt was 5'2'' and wore size 0 clothes before she got pregnant with my cousin. Toward the eighth month we all thought she was gonna tip onto her tummy at any time because the baby grew out when up was no longer an option.
Yeah, all the skinnny teeny tiny ladies I know ended up with a kind of rocket-shaped belly! But I don't know anyone who went into early labor because her body was too small. Body size doesn't really have anything to do with it.
If it's a comfort issue have her speak with a licensed prenatal yoga instructor. There are some great stretches she can do to help her breath easier and relieve some of the pressure she may be feeling. As the previous posters have said, I have never heard of the size of the mother being the reason for early labour. 
Six months is where is starts to get uncomfortable.  There are days when you'll feel huge and other days when you don't feel so bad.  Every fetus is intended to be in the uterus that it winds up in, and will grow and grow.  Female bodies are amazing because they will adapt to it because they're meant for it.  Smaller women sometimes have to have C-sections for delivery because they physically can't get a baby through the birth canal, but that's a very common practice.  Stretch marks may come, but they fade with TLC and time (not to mention some time out in the sun). 
I am one of those women that actually went into labor due to lack of room. My first son was born 35 weeks and i looked asfar out as i was tall (I'm 5'1) is very uncomfortable and if she is anything like me she will find ways to try to move things alongaround 33 weeks lol

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