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my daughter nicole has the flu

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i took her to the docter and they told me it was just the regular flu not the h1n1(swine flu) anyways shes been puking and had diahrea really bad and had a fever of 100 degrees the docter gave me medicen for her to take but its not working very well so is there any home remades that will help her feel a little bit better

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With me there never really was aanything that could help me feel better. I think it just has to run it's course unfortunately. I hate to hear that your baby doesn't feel well. My son got the flu at 6 weeks and had to go to the E.R. That was an awful experience. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. Good luck sweetie! :)
thank you so much for your help
Keep her hydrated, pedialyte and/or gatorade helps replenish what she's loosing in with her diahrea.  Bland things for food, toast, crackers she should be able to keep on her tummy.  Soups or broths are good too, my little boy liked to sip them through a straw when they were warm.  Watch her fever so it doesn't get to like 104 or 105, you can try cool baths or showers to help temporarily bring it down.  Our doctors have always said to alternate with safe doses of baby/childrens tylenol and motrin that way you get them the most comfort without overdosing them.  Other than that like Mommy said just let it run it's course and try to keep your hands washed and keep your face from hers so you don't get it either. Hope she feels better soon!
thank you

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