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My doc put me on Birth control that I think has failed. I am on other meds, and am worried about possible birth defects.

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I told him about the other meds that I am on, and he didn't say anything, (probably because I am NOT trying to get pregnant!). I could never have an abortion, so I am really worried. I have done some internet research and I found that one of the meds decreases birth control effectiveness, so I am worried. Especially since I told him I was on this medication! Anyone?

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I would recommend you go to a clinic and get a pregnancy test done. If you were on other medications it is very likely your birth control was counteracted and pregnancy is definately a possibility. I was on allergy medicine at the same time as my birth control almost two years ago and I now have a beautiful 1 year old boy.Birth control again is only so effective. There has to be so many that is failed by it. Take the test. Then worry after the results are revealed. You may be fine.But I wouldn't worry about the birth control and medicine and whether or not they counteracted. If it did, it's done so just figure out what is going on and where you need to go from here.Good Luck and stay calm. Everything happens for a reason.
What  birth control did you get put on?  They all vary on what will conteract them.  Plus take the others advice and either take a home pregnancy test or go to a clinic.  Your doctor should have talked to you about this.  The others have good advice and you should talk to the pharmacist as well.  Also if your doctor isn't listening to you I think it is about time to get a new one.I was on the ortho evra patch and I got pregnant for my 3rd son.  I wasn't on any antibiotics for anything or any other medication.  So yes birth control isn't ever 100% effective.

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