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My due date is here and my son is still not ready to be born...

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My fiance and I have tried everything possible to try and trigger labor, but my son just doesnt seem to be interested. I am not having any contractions, not even braxton hix that I am aware of. Im not quite sure what to do. A friend of mine, who is a mesage therapist, tried working pressure points on me that are supposed to induce labor, but even that didnt work. We have tried having sex, doing lunges, and everything else that is commonly recommended. Any advice?

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My due date is here as well, and my baby doesn't seem ready to come either.  I have 2 other children who were 10 days early, and this waiting is getting to me!  Everything seems fine, so when the baby is ready, they will come.  Just make sure to keep going to your doctor, and if 10 days after your due date, the baby still isn't here, the doctor will induce you.  Good luck!
I've always heard that spicy foods and long walks will help induce labor.  Walking will help shift the baby even lower.  Are you dialated at all?  I was dialated 4 cm for 3 weeks with my 2nd son and just new any day he would be born.  He came 2 days after his due date.  All the sudden at midnight I started having really bad sharp pains, by the time we got to the hospital my water still had not broke, but when they checked me it did.  He was born 45 minutes later.  Get lots of rest now while you can.  Your baby is going to come when it's ready, but if you are ready you can ask your doctor to induce you.  Good Luck!
He knows when he's ready. A due date is and approximation. dont rush him girlfriend!
Yep, I agree with Sadush - you should trust that your body and the kid know how 'done' they are.  I know that I will probably be late because my normal periods come in a 35-day cycle, while all the estimates are done based on a 28 day cycle.  When I get to term, the docs will tell me I'm late when I am 40 weeks and 4 days - but I know that because of my period cycle, that is right on time.  Plus, 'late' isn't even late until 42 weeks. You might contact a midwife (ask your doc for recommendations, maybe?).  I've heard that castor oil can work.  Also, drinking a lot of tea (made with red raspberry leaf and red clover) can make your uterus contract (and it'll help 'tone' it for labor).  Or take long walks, etc.  If you can, avoid a medical induction - they have been proven to cause longer, more painful labors, which makes (more) pain meds necessary, which doesn't help the baby at all.  When in doubt, more sex!  Good luck!

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