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My family has a history of periods during pregnancy, I had mine 2 weeks ago but think I'm prego...any advice???

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First things first - make sure you're taking good care of yourself.  If you haven't already, stop drinking, smoking, etc. - anything that might harm the baby.  Make sure you're eating right, taking your vitamins, and getting enough rest.  At this point, if you think you might be pregnant, better safe than sorry.Have you taken a pregnancy test?  If not, I'd take one first thing in the morning when pregnancy hormones (if present) are at their highest levels in your urine.  Some spotting/bleeding is not unheard of in early pregnancy, and if your family has a history of it, you might be pregnant.If the home pregnancy test comes back negative, I'd make an appointment with your OB/GYN.  They can give you another urine test in their office and follow-up with blood work if necessary.  They'll take blood samples every few days for about a week and chart the levels of hCG in your blood.  If you're pregnant, the amount of this hormone will increase at each blood draw until it reaches a plateau.  If the levels don't change/never increase beyond a certain point, then the doctor can rule out a pregnancy.I hope this helps.  Good luck!
I would take a home pregnancy test before you stress. A home test has never failed me. What reason do you have to believe you are pregnant? If the test says you are negative, I would just wait, honestly, then maybe test again in a week or so. There is no reason at this point to jump to conclusions. If you are experiencing symptoms, I would call you doctor. The first and suremost sign of pregnancy is a missed period. Since you don't have that, I would just wait and see what happens. Do rely on your instincts however and if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.... Best of luck to you!
i would go to the doctor cuz i had my period normally and two days after it i went to the doctor for checkup and she said she wanted to take some bloodwork for something totally different but came back and said did u know ur ppregnant ..i said WHAT..i just came off my period...PERIOD LIES..
yes you should go to the doctor's immediatly because if you are pregnant your baby and you will need those prenatal pills to keep you guys healthy and to be able to have  a healthy baby and also if you feel like your body's different that means you might be pregnant

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