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My feet, legs, an ankles are extremely swollen!!

2 answers
This is my first baby and my feet,ankles, and legs are really swollen and never seem to go down is there something wrong with me or this just part of my pregnancy? I need some advice someone HELP!!!

answers (2)

its ok your fine, your not dying its something every mom goes through its a part of your pregnancy it i'll go away
Run down to walmart and indulge in one of those foot baths with jets and the works! If you can't splurge like that a warm bath water (not to hot because you don't want to raise your body temp) and little epsom salt. Soak for a while and try and relaz. When done soaking (10-15 minutes) sit back and relax with your feet propped. The mix between all that helped me out alot as my feet started to get little swollen. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids too!

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