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My fiance and I decided to stop trying to have a second child because

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our financial situation had changed. He's afraid because his company is doing layoffs and I only work PT. When I went to the drs to get my birth control, I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant. I dont know how to tell him, Im excited but now Im scared that my fiance will get upset because it was more his decision that we wait longer. ANy ideas how to break the news?

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just tell him!. hes gonna be a daddy he deserves to know
you shoudl probly tell him asap even though ur nervous because if he company is laying off he may need to find a diff job to keep enough money comming through. once you tell him im sure ull feel way better and then u both can be excited about it..good luck!
i would tell him and ask what he wants to do. make sure u tell hime soon.
When i was pregnant with my 2nd son my husband got laid off.  It was at the start of my pregnancy and I was so worried but in the end everything worked out.  He wasn;t able to find another job for 6 months and when he did he hated it!!! Still he took it for the income and two months later landed the best job ever for himself. Things work in odd ways and maybe your husband won't be laid off.  Good luck to you and congrats on the baby!!!  Oh and btw your husband loves you and will realize at the time you guys were trying it's not your fault that when you decided to stop trying you were already pregnant.  ;)
he might be shocked and first and seem not excited but he will come around. We ar 24 weeks pregnant and at before I got pregnant we were trying then decided to wait but that same month I was pregnant and I was nervous at first to . I thought he would think I tricked him or something. /he was supportive but seemed withdrawn at first he said he was excited but didnt act like it. But once we got an ultrsound and he saw the baby he was fine
it was meant to be

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