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My fiancee and I want to have a baby, and his fear is if we have sex where he finishes inside me that we will end up with more than 1 baby

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I don't think this is true, but what can I do to ease his mind about this?

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theres no possible way for you to have more than one baby if your already pregnant and he finishes in you...if your not and he does the only way is if multipuls run in your or his family hope this helps
The only way u can concieve  more than baby is if multiples run in your or his side of the family or if you were conceiving thru invitro fertilization.
thank you both!!!! Ya'll eased my mind immediatley!!!
One in one thousand births includes twins, and that is the only way you can concieve more than one baby. The odds are much greater if twins run in one or both families, or if you concieve artificially, but the possibility does not disappear altogether if neither is true. Just let your fiancee know that the odds are very much against a multiple birth, and that if you DO have twins then it was meant to be and the two of you can handle that situation if it happens.
Is this a joke?? Wonderful, polite responses ladies, but seriously, Ready2Bmom, why would your fiancee think that?? That has got to be the silliest thing I have ever read! I would think twice about procreating.
I was thinking the same thing "amberwx".  Um, the way to make a baby is for the man to "finish" inside the woman.  And why would you think you would get two for that reason?  Scary.
The only way to get pregnant is to get some semen inside of you- PERIOD.  If you do it Jon & Kate or Octomom style, which was through expensive in-vitro fertilization and artificial insemination, you COULD very well end up with more than one baby.  On the flipside, there are women who do come from families that don't have multiples that end up with them, but your chances aren't as great as just getting one.  For some women, trying the very first time makes it happen, others try for months and years before they test positive for pregnancy.  You just have to go at it- literally. If you do wind up pregnant, it's the best time for sex because you can forget about birth control!  If you already have a bun in the oven, no amount of semen will cause you to conceive a second baby.

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