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my fiances ex....

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when me and my fiance got together his ex wouldnt leave us alone and now she has came back in my life asking for help becuase she found out she was fiance doesnt want me to help her because of all the stress she has caused us but i have a feeling that i cant just ignore her...but then i get this feeling when i see the sonagrams and stuff that she only got pregnant because me and steven are having a baby and she always wanted one with it just jealousy that she is pregnant to and i dont think shes going to be a good mom becuase she ran around on steven and she parties alot still and drinks and smokes...i wanna help her cuz i feel like i have to but is steven right and i should back away and ignore her...i dont want her to cuase problems between me and steven or with our baby....

answers (5)

i would just ignore her shes probably doing it for attention dont give in to it because them she will think she can push you to do whatever she wants
i agree with cutieeee i would just ignore her if u do.she knows u will feel sorry for her.and she wil know she can push u awat from ur fiance' and she can try and be with him again and help her raise her baby trust me ima in the same perdicament u r n
Can you clarify something, your boyfriends ex is pregnant by your boyfriend? If not, I would suggest you and your boyfriend stay far away from this lady. If she didn't care then, what makes you think she will care now? You don't need drama and stress while pregnant or after the baby comes. It should be about you enjoying your pregnancy and your relationship. Leave all the extras out...hope that helps =)
NO Respect your fiances wishes and ignore her. Im sure she has other friends and is trying to get you involved to get back into his life. the same thing happened with me. I found out a was prgnant and 3 weeks later my boyfriends ex came along and said she was pregnant.. but she went through his friends. We ignored everythign we heard and didnt even care about what was going on with that person. You are not in her life and she is no longer in your fiances. Just remember that.
Uhm explain to me why you even want to have anything to do with your Fiancee's Ex????Girl, all I can say is stay away as far as you can from this "Ex" and let her be. You have a new life to live, being pregnant and engaged is enough excitement for you. You don't need anymore drama from a useless EX 

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