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This is my fifth baby and I've never had a epidural wanted to know if its painful?

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It only feels like like a prick. It hurts a little but not long. Once the medicine starts flowing, It is wonderful. All your pain is gone and you can finally relax.
Thank you for your advise!
I had one with my daughter last june and would definitly recommend it to anyone! You can feel a prick as with any shot and then there was a slight stinging but nothing bad compared ot the contractions.. and once the medicine started working it was amazing.. I had to even be told when I was having a contraction to push toward the end I could feel a little but nothing compared to the back labor I had been having.. I am 9 weeks pregnant this time and for sure am getting it again.. good luck!!
Thanks again i just get scared of the niddle am a niddle scary cat lol but what can i be talking about because this is my fifth child lol but ill consider it thanks again!!

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