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this is my first baby what do i need to buy

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i know i need clothes and a bed and dipers but im planning on breast feeding what do i need for that like a pump and pads im new to the pregnancy thing

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Have you heard of breastflow? those are the bottles i want to use.  They are suppose to be great for breastfeeding, Just like a real breast.  As for the pump i am still looking.. also youll want to get Lansinoh Breast Cream, and I was told breast shields help. Boppys are also great and a nursing cover.  im sure there is more but im still learning to lol This is a good website
Breastfeeding is great but I do suggest to be prepaired for the just incase. I breastfed my daughter but in the begining she had blood sugar issues and jaundice and I was not able to feed her enough to help with these issues. When I got he home I was not ready to formula feed her which I HAD to do with the breastfeeding. I never used a pump because I was home most of the time but if you work it will be a life savor. Breast creams are great to help with drying and cracking of skin. I never used shields myself though. When you are at hospital talk with the lactation expert they have on hand till you feel good with it. Sometimes it does not come so natural but stick to it. Congrats and good luck. I am expecting number 2 and I am looking foward to that bonding.
As far as things to buy, I'm not exactly sure.  But from what I understand, the most difficult part of breastfeeding isn't what you have, it's who you have supporting you.  WIC can be a really helpful way to find out more about breastfeeding and what you may need.  They are really very helpful and can offer added support if you don't have a lot of family members who breastfed, or are breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding can be really difficult and frustrating, it's important that you have support and stay committed.  That's why having a friend or family member to help you can really give you an edge when it comes to breastfeeding.  So keep in mind other resources in case you don't have so much support from family or friends.Best of Luck!
I breastfed my 14 month old until just recently when she has started self weaning.. a double pump is very handy because it does the work twice as quick. I have a medela pump that I absolutly love!! The lansinoh cream will also come in handy for the first few days it helps with the cracking and sore nipples. I never invested the money into a nursing cover. The baby blankets work just as well and everyone always has plenty of the recieving blankets so that is what my daughter and I used when we used anything. I never used the nipple shields either that I believe is a personal preference and I woudl just suggest trying to do without and if you feel you need them then invest in them. The boppy pillow.. well we just bought one that my daughter now likes to play with and I will try the breastfeeding with our son with it when he gets here in December but we didnt have one with our daughter and a normal pillow propped under my arm did the trick when I nursed her.And as for the kind of bottles to use.. there are some that are suppose to be better then others same with the pacifiers but to be honest I just used the cheap bottles at walmart and my daughter did fine with going between nursing while I was around and drinking the bottle when I was in classes or anytime I was away.. not all babies are this easy to adjust back and forth thoguh so I am not sure on that one. WIC is an amzing resource. They offer free breastfeeding classes on different topics each week here. One week it will be about your diet and how that will affect breastfeeding and the next week is will be about ddifferent kinds of breastpumps and ect.. so definitly check into that.. good luck and just keep your mind on trying to breastfeed. I didnt have alot of support other then my boyfriend and the WIC ladies but we did it and will again the bonding is definitly worth the effort!! =)
thank you so much

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