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this is my first pregnancy and i am a cook at a sonic and well i am always reaching and picking up heavy stuff and i am really scared that im going to lose my baby anyone have any words of advice???

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i just found out that i am pregnant last Monday and i have my first doctors app the 28

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You should be ok. Until you're bigger/farther along, you should be fine lifting heavier objects. When you get bigger, the bigger issues are loosened muscles/tendons making you a little clumsier and more likely to pull something/hurt yourself. Also, look into state laws and Sonic policy to see if there are any rules/laws to support you not having to lift things. 
With my first pregnancy i worked in shipping and recieving which requires a lot of heavy lifting. There is a limit to how much weight you should be lifting and i would ask your doctor. Better to be safe then sorry. My co-workers were on me all the time to not lift certain things too so a good support system around you at work is also a good thing.................good luck!!!
the best thing to do is try not to lift any heavy things at all
First and for most you need to tell your job....  The doctor will tell you not to lift over 50 lb...  Have your doctor write it down to give to your job so they can have it on file...  But like i said at the begining you need to tell your job....  There are risks lifting heavy objects...  Good luck...
Ask your Dr. Mine said it was OK to continue weight training at my current level. I'm 9 weeks and still bench pressing 135lbs, dead lifting about 200lbs, leg pressing 600+. When it starts to feel uncomfortable or I get into my 3rd trimester I'll cut the weight down as needed. I worked in a pet store with my 1st and was lifting bags of dog food that weighed 40lbs+ until 4 days before I had my daughter.  As long as you body has been conditioned for it and you have a low risk pregnancy you'll probably be fine. Some one who hasn't been lifting heavy things regularly wouldn't want to start lifting 50lbs while pregnant though.

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