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This is my first pregnancy.... and I have heard many, many horror stories. Please help.... :)

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I am looking into making a birth plan with my partner in order to prepare for the big day but I was wondering about a few things before I make any major decisions. I know that there are no words to describe how labor feels or one way to describe for any person because we are all differnt, BUT, can anyone give me a basic idea to what I have coming my way as far as labor and delivery goes? Also, I was curious as to all of the different methods that are available out there for the pain. What has worked for you? Please share the negative stories as well. Learn from others mistakes right? Thanks - Final Countdown

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it is not as bad as its made out to be, thats for sure!! there are many options for pain meds if you opt for them. stay away from the morphene it causes alot of reactions and slows the birth process down, epidurals and entrathequils(spelling?) will both cause spinal fluid to leak and cuase horrible migranes up to a year after birth i learned the hard way with that one. i went pain med free with my last pregnancy and it only took 5 hours and with my first childit took 19 hours with the pain meds because they are known to slow things down. it all depends on each persons pain tollerance. but i always tell everyone only use the pain meds if you really cant take the pain any longer. best wishes :)
I agree, it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I just want you to know to please not be so set on your birth plan you will get bent out of shape if you can't follow it.  Birth rarely goes according to planned!   I have no issues about using pain meds.  Epidural worked fine for me and i had no issues at all.  I had horrible back labor due to my son being face up instead of face down and ended up with a c-section.  Don't worry about morphine, I can't remember the last time I have heard of it being used during delivery!  While my fiance would classify our first experience as a terrible one, we are now pregnant with our second and I have forgotten all the bad stuff already and am not even worried about the second time around!  Good luck and whatever you decide will be right!  Don't worry.
For the record I have had 3 epiderals with 3 of my pregnancies and have never had migraines afterwards.  I have never heard of that side effect.  Plus also I have never had spinal fluid leak either.  As for birth storries I will tell you mine.  With my first son I had planned on a regular delivery, but when I was 36 weeks my doctor induced me because I had lost fluid from the sac that the baby is in. I was also dialted 2 1/2 centemeters.  So I went to the hospital and got induced then they hooked me up to the contraction and babies heart rate monitor and come to find out I was in labor already.  So when I was 4 centemeters I got an epidural because I couldn't take the pain.  Pain tolerance varies from woman to woman.  So then after that I was feeling really good.  When I finally got to where it was time to deliver I felt an urge to push.  I told the doctor and they said that the baby was ready.  Nothing out of the ordinary happend.  I had a normal vaginal delivery.  I was in labor only 10 1/2 hours.  With my second baby I felt the cramping of going into labor.  I went to the hospital.  I was home alone at this time. My oldest was with his dad and at the time my husband was working out of town.  I drove myself to the hospital in pain.  They checked me out and said I was dialated 4 centemeters and I was in labor, but not active labor (whatever that means).  To me that meant that they would keep me for observation, but no that stupid hospital sent me home.  So the pains started getting worse so I went back again.  This time I was dialted 5 centemeters and still in non active labor.  They again sent me home.  My husband all the while had talked his boss into letting him come home.  I wait until he gets home.  By now the pain is significantly worse and my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart. He takes me back to the hospial.  I am now dialated 5 centemeters, but still not in active labor.  They send me home again.  My husband argues with the doctor for about an hour, but they still don't think I should be in the hospital yet.  Well now that I had been in labor for 20 hours now.  The pains have gotten really bad. So my husband takes me back again.  We are figuring they will send me home again and have decided if they do then we are going to a different hospital.  Well I get in there I am now dialated 8 centemeters and finally am in active labor.  They get me all hooked up.  I just get my epidural and it hasn't been in long enough to take effect yet.  All the sudden I feel the urge to push.  They check and the baby is crowning.  An hour and a half later My second son is born. The epidural didn't even take effect so I got to feel all the pain and all with the delivery.  I am a wimp when it comes to pain so it was horrible for me.  We are still to this day upset with that hospital (Metro health out of Grand Rapids, MI) because I was so close to having a home delivery because of them.  I wanted to go to that hospital though, because that is the hospital my ob doctor worked out of. Sorry that one to me was a horrible one.  I know not as bad as some women have had though.  With my 3rd baby I was lying down waiting to get my husband up so that he could go to work.  I started feeling the labor pain. We got all the kids around.  We get to the hospital.  They say that I am in labor.  I am dialated 6 centemeters.  They get the epidural in.  It takes effect.  My husband went downstairs to have my father in law take our 2 other boys, because I don't want them to see me deliver the baby.  While he is down there I get the urge to push and I tell my midwife (I recommend them by the way) and she has the nurse call my husband.  He gets up there just in time to be with me when I deliver.  With that pregnancy I was only in labor for 4 1/2 hours.  All my babies so far were born at night or really early morning.  My oldest was 10:59 p.m., my second was 7:30 p.m., and my 3rd was 12:24 a.m.  I am now pregnant with my 4th, but with this one I am having complications so far.  I am only 26 almost 27 weeks.  I have a low lying placenta.  I have an ultrasound to see if it has moved up or not.  If it doesn't because my placenta is over my cervix I will have to have a c-section.  I  am not sure how that will all go.To me labor has always felt like the worst cramps you can imagine.  It will hurt in your abdomen and in your back.  That pain will come in intervals and get stronger as they get closer.  You may even get sick to your stomach because the contractions can press up on your stomach. I hope that this has helped and sorry if any part of it scared you.  I just wanted to tell you the truth of my deliveries.  I also suggest that you look well for an ob doctor and if you don't like your ob doctor to switch them as early in the pregnancy as possible.  I have a midwife with my 4th pregnancy as well.  I do suggest having a hospital delivery even if you have a mid wife.  They are more caring and are their in the room with you more.  I tried to not get pain meds with my 3rd, but finally I couldn't take the pain anymore.
ever had realy bad gas!!! I have had two boys both natural labor the first i labored at home all day I walked up and down my hall for hours but it helped the contractions not hurt so bad I went into the hosptal about 6 6:30 and had him at 10:26 with two hours for pushing I am not going to lie it hurt but about an hour later I had totaly forgot how bad it felt I never understood when my mom said you forget the pain but you realy do my second child I was in labor for about four hours and because I knew what to do and didnt want to do it anymore I pushed him out in ten minnets but I have been real lucky I have had no problems with eather pregnancy had both my boys on the exact due date thats my take on it anyways!
I have to agree with the other moms - labor hurts.  But whether you decide to opt for pain meds (I had an epidural with no lingering side effects) or try it naturally, just know that every birth is different.  So, go ahead and write up a birth plan, but promise yourself that you won't get too upset if that plan has to change.I had always thought that my water would break, I'd go into labor at home, and get to the hospital for the pushing/delivery part. Well, two days after my due date, I went to my OB/GYN for a non-stress test and was told that the fluid levels around the baby were a little low. While it wasn't an emergency, my doctor wanted to get the baby out before any problems surfaced. So, my husband drove me to the ER that night, I was given Cervadil, and had a great night's sleep. The next morning, the doctor broke my water and started me on oxytocin to start my contractions. Things moved very quickly - I dialted to 9 centimeters in less than 2 hours. I opted for the epidural, which actually slowed my contractions a bit and put me to sleep! When I woke up after about an hour, I felt pressure to push and the doctor confirmed that the baby was ready to come out.  I pushed for less than two hours and was then able to hold my beautiful little girl!Labor isn't easy, whether you decide for medication or not.  The contractions, which start out as a "squeezing"-type of pressure, become more painful as you go along.  Think really, really bad cramps.  But, attending birthing classes to prepare yourself and becoming knowledgeable about your options will help you feel more comfortable if you do have to make a change in your birth plan once your labor begins.And, as cheesy as it sounds, once you're able to hold your little baby, you don't necessarily forget the pain, but you do realize that it was totally worth it.  (And, you might even decide to do it again!)
yes its not as bad as it seems, especially when they put that messy baby in your arms after pushing it out. with my first son i was induced a week early because of to much fluid. they tried the pill method first which takes 12 hrs to work, it didnt work so they start me on petocin then broke my water, i had an epidural which was nice except i had to keep switching sides because one side would go numb laying on it. my labor and delivery was 22 hrs. 4 of those was actually pushing. because i was in labor so long i had a fever and was sick at some point and my sons white blood cells were low at birth. he was in ic for alittle bit but otherwise healthy. im 28wks with my second son now and im choosing to not be induced unless absolutly nesessary. and i'll go as long as i can without an epidural. i really dont think my body was ready the first time and thats why it took so long. i dont want an epidural because it made me really foggy afterwards and id rather let my body do its thing. women were doing it for thousands of yrs before the epidural came along so i can to.of course everyone thinks im crazy but thats alright. i will take one if i just can not take it anymore but i have a high pain tolerance.  again everyone is different, a friend of mine just had hers and she was induced and had an epi and pushed her little girl out in 15 min. lol

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