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this is my first time, cant you tell...i have a million questions but whats the best lotion to use to help prevent stretch marks?

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This is my second time around and I still have a million questions : )When I was pregnant with my son I just used regular ol' lotion like Vasaline or Jergens brands. I made sure to lotion up every day and the only place I got stretch marks was on my tush(it grew like 2 sizes lol) and they were very minimal. Good Luck!
Hate to tell you this, but stretch marks are hereditary (that means it depends on your genes if you get them or not).  But keeping your skin moisturized with a good lotion/cream will keep it looking nicer and keep it from itching.  Good luck!
i just used a cocoabutter lotion and have no stretch marks from my pregnancy
My dermatologist told me that there isn't a lotion that will prevent stretch marks.  She said the best way to prevent or minimize stretch marks is to keep your weight in check while pregnant.  She said that lotion can sooth your skin and keep it supple when you get really big and that might help prevent really bad stretch marks, but if you are genetically pre-disposed to get them, you probably will.  I got really bad stretch marks with my first pregnancy many years ago, but now, they aren't very noticable and don't bother me at all other than I won't wear a bikini.  I could have them treated with a laser now, but I've had them for so long, I'm used to them.
I am 30 weeks with no stretch marks so far (fingers crossed!). I use Nutiva cold-pressed coconut oil every day, and I also stay very hydrated and drink a minimum 2L of water per day to keep my skin supple.

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