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In my first trimester i feel so sick everyday i got over the nausea but i still have this sick feeling,Is it Normal?

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At times im so hungry and then i eat but feels like i've eaten to much Is there any way to get around it?

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You are supposed to be eating 6 small meals a day. So if you don't eat for a long period of time b/c you feel sick then you eat, even if you don't eat that much you could be left feeling sick/like you ate too much. If you still feel concerned I'd say ask your doctor.
egh, I know what you mean. I still get that feeling and I agree with slpymama. But there were times/days when I'd be doing good with eating 50 bajillion meals and still getting sick...try watching what you are eating. Eat certain foods for a few days and see if those trigger the nausea, then cut them out. Experiment with're prego and some things will amaze you while others make you sick. Just do process of elimination.
I definitely feel for you! My nausea took hold in my 1st trimester and stayed with me until the very end. I did get a 4-5 week reprieve in my 2nd trimester though! :) I agree with the previous 2 posts. Definitely watch what foods you are eating and determine which ones are triggers for your nausea. I'm sure you've heard a million different ways you can cure your morning sickness, from a million different women who've been right where you are. But, what may work for someone else may be awful for you. Just listen to what your body's telling you. I'm sure you'll find a meal plan that works for you! Good luck!
You are very very normal to be feeling that! Morning sickness (obviously named by a man :) ) Can strike at any time of day and leave you with a nauseous and queasy feeling even if you don't get sick every time. For most women this starts to clear up around the 2nd trimester. My last pregnancy it started around week 6-7 and lasted the entire time, this time I started feeling nauseous before I even missed my period, now at almost 8 weeks I am getting sick every day and feeling nauseous at least half the day. I'm just praying it doesn't last as long as the last pregnancy did, since they say that each pregnancy is different.Small meals will help some with nausea, you are less likely to get sick with something in your tummy, even if it is just crackers and sprite! Sucking on ice chips helps some women, I tried preggy pops, which are specifically for morning sickness, and they didn't help me much, but I've heard they do help some women. Best of luck to you, and Congrats on your Preg!
Try to always keep something with you to eat.A little snack like crackers and peanut butter or something.I found that when my stomach was empty the nausea was the worst.Hope you feel better soon...

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